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Magnesite and its applications

We mine the magnesite, a natural origin mineral with the chemical composition MgCO3. It takes a form of a crypto-crystalline magnesite with an isomorphic structure. The magnesium carbonate was formed under hydrothermal and weathering conditions occurring in magnesium-rich serpentinite rocks, forming white aggregates.

This magnesite is characterized by a very low decomposition temperature of the carbonate as well as high ease of chemical reaction, unlike crystalline or coarse-crystalline magnesites

Depending on the purity class and processing manner the magnesites have multiple applications:

Our product range includes crushed magnesite products (grain sizes of 10-40mm, 10-80mm) and ground magnesite products (grain sizes of 0-1mm, 0-2mm) covering grades with MgO content from 30% to 45%:

Technical data sheets and detailed product parameters available upon submission of an inquiry for quotation.

Magnezyty "Grochów"

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We sell magnesite products, stones, aggregates, rock masses and we rent construction equipment, i.e.; excavators, forklifts, loaders, etc.